A Complete Body of Doctrinal and Practical Divinity

John Gill




Of the Being of God
Of the Scriptures
Of the Names of God
Of the Nature of God
His Immutability
His Infinity, Omnipresence and Eternity
Life of God
His Omnipotence
His Omniscience
His Wisdom
His Will and Its Sovereignty
His Love
His Grace
His Mercy
His Long-Suffering or Forbearance
His Goodness
His Anger and Wrath
His Hatred
His Joy
His Holiness
His Justice and Righteousness
His Veracity
His Faithfulness
His Sufficiency and Perfection
His Blessedness
His Unity
Of a Plurality in the Godhead
Personal Relations in the Deity
Of the Distinct Personality of the Father
Of the Distinct Personality of the Son
Of the Distinct Personality of the Spirit


Of the Internal Acts and Works of God, and of His Decrees in General
Of the Special Decrees of God Relating to Men and Angels, Particularly of Election
Of Rejection or Reprobation of Angels and Men
Of the Eternal Union of the Elect to God
Of Adoption and Justification as an Immanent Act
Of the Everlasting Council Concerning the Salvation of Men
Of the Covenant of Grace
Of the Part which the Father Takes in the Covenant
Of the Part which Christ has Taken in the Covenant
Of Christ as the Covenant-Head of the Elect
Of Christ as the Mediator of the Covenant
Of Christ as the Surety of the Covenant
Of Christ as the Testator of the Covenant
Of the Concern the Spirit has in the Covenant
Properties of the Covenant of Grace
Of the Complacency and Delight of Deity in Himself

Of Creation in General
Creation of Angels
Creation of Man
Providence of God
Confirmation of the Elect Angels and the Fall of the Non-Elect Angels
Of Man in a State of Innocence
Of the Law Given to Adam, and the Covenant with him in a State of Innocence
Of the Sin and Fall of Man
Of the Nature, Aggravation, and Effects of the Sin and Fall of Man
Of the Imputation of Adam's Sin to his Posterity
Of the Corruption of Human Nature
Of Actual Sins and Transgressions
Of the Punishment of Sin

Manifestation and Administration of the Covenant of Grace
Its Administration in the Patriarchal State
Under the Mosaic Dispensation
From the Times of David to the Coming of Christ
Of the Abrogation of the Old Covenant, Etc.
Of the Law
The Gospel


Of the Incarnation of Christ
His State of Humiliation
Active Obedience of Christ
His Passive Obedience
Of the Burial of Christ
Of the Resurrection of Christ from the Dead
Of the Ascension of Christ to Heaven
Session of Christ at the Right Hand of God
Of the Prophetic Office of Christ
Of the Priestly Office of Christ
Of the Intercession of Christ
Of Christ's Blessing his People as a Priest
Of the Kingly Office of Christ
Of the Spiritual Reign of Christ



Of Redemption by Christ
Causes of it
Objects of Redemption
Of those Passages of Scripture which Favour Universal Redemption
Of the Satisfaction of Christ
Propitiation, Atonement, and Reconciliation
Of the Pardon of Sin
Of Justification
Christian Liberty
Effectual Calling
Of the Perseverance of the Saints


Of the Death of the Body
Immortality of the Soul
State of the Soul till the Resurrection
Of the Resurrection of the Body
Second Coming of Christ
Conflagration of the Universe
Of the New Heavens and Earth
Last and General Judgment
Final State of the Wicked
Final State of the Saints


Of the Worship of God
Of the Object of Worship
Of Internal Worship
Of the Knowledge of God
Of Repentance
Of the Fear of God
Of Faith in God and Christ
Of Trust and Confidence in God
Of Hope
Of Love
Of Spiritual Joy
Of Peace of Mind
Of Contentment
Of Thankfulness to God
Of Humility
Of Self-Denial
Of Resignation to the Will of God
Of Patience
Of Christian Fortitude
Of Zeal
Of Wisdom and Prudence
Of Godly Sincerity
Of Spiritual Mindedness
Of a Good Conscience
Of Communion with God

Public Worship
Of the Nature of a Gospel Church
Duties of the Members of a Church to Each Other
Pastors of Churches
Duties of Churches to their Pastors
Of the Office of Deacons
Of the Discipline of Churches

Of the Public Ordinances
Of Baptism
Of the Lord's Supper
Of the Public Ministry
Public Hearing of the Gospel
Of Public Prayer
Of the Lord's Prayer
Of Singing Psalms
Place and Time of Public Worship


Of Private Worship, Relative Duties, &c.
Duties of Husband and Wife
Duties of Parents and Children
Duties of Masters and Servants
Duties of Magistrates and Subjects
Of Good Works
Of the Decalogue


Of the Various Sorts of Jewish Proselytes
Occasion of this Dissertation
Proof of the Baptism of Jewish Proselytes Inquired Into
Proof of the Custom only from the Talmuds
Christian Baptism not Founded on Proselyte Baptism