Southwestern Baptist Resources

Academic Freedom—Liberty or License?

Dr. Paige Patterson



2008 Baptist Distinctives Series Conference: Upon This Rock I Will Build My Church

Dr. Malcolm Yarnell

"Upon This Rock I Will Build My Church: An Exposition of Matthew 16:13-20"

Full Text

Dr. David Allen

"The Autonomy of the Local Church"

Dr. James Leo Garrett

"Under the Lordship of Christ Through Democractic Process"

Dr. Byron McWilliams

"The Church and Its Officers"


Dr. Keith Eitel

"The Church to the Ends of the Earth"

Dr. Bart Barber

"A Denomination of Churches: Biblical and Useful"

Dr. Emir Caner

"Associated by Covenant in the Faith and Fellowship in the Gospel"

Dr. Thomas White

"The Local Church and the Universal Church"

Dr. Paige Patterson

"Observing Two Ordinances"

2008 Day-Higginbotham Lectures

1st Lecture-Dr. Abraham Friesen

"Purity versus Universality: Anabaptists and Sixteenth-Century Christendom"

2nd Lecture-Dr. Abraham Friesen

"The Early Writings of the Reformers and Anabaptist Origins"


3rd Lecture-Dr. Abraham Friesen

"The Parable of the Tares, Visions of the End of the Age and Sixteenth-Century Revolutionary Anabaptist Movements"

A Common Statement for Baptist Heritage
Seven Guidelines for Church Planting Which Reflect Baptist Ecclesiology

These Baptist History Sources have been prepared for general access by an editorial board of Baptist historians at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. These historic sources include Free Church writings from Anabaptist authors prior to the historic advent of the British Baptist movement in the Seventeenth Century, British Baptist writings from the Seventeenth Century through the Nineteenth Century, and American Baptist writings from the Seventeenth Century through the early Twentieth Century. Although the reader may (and should) not agree with every single source posted here, the sources are intended to remind Baptists of the long train of witnesses to the reclamation of biblical Christianity who have been called Baptist.

Many of these works are rare and unavailable in modern print. Thanks are due to editorial board members in making available either transcriptions or personal copies of these original documents, and to Roberts Library for making other rare Baptist History Sources available. Roberts Library is considered one of the outstanding theological libraries in the United States based on the strength of its collections, diversity of materials, accessibility of resources, and service concepts of its staff.